Pink Title

I recomend adding a pink title

#10709 - Status: accepted

1 week ago by PinkyBear_ for Titles

PinkBear Title

i recomend adding a PinkBear Title

#10708 - Status: rejected

1 week ago by PinkyBear_ for Titles

Proposal for Addition of Cherry Blossom Trail Shape

Dear ExtremeCraft Server Managers,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you today with an idea that I believe will enhance the overall experience of our beloved server and resonate with our diverse community. My proposal centers around the addition of a Cherry Blossom Trail shape, a feature that I am convinced will captivate players and enrich their gameplay in unique ways.

.. See more

#10695 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by PinkyBear_ for Global

about role plays

i suggest making no /rp cooldown for people that has a specific rank or higher idk what rank but lets say if someone has a hero rank they dont have a /rp cooldown or atleast fewer time for them thank you for reading :D!

#10671 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by PinkyBear_ for Global

Adding a title

I would love it if you add chunkripper title

#10655 - Status: accepted

1 month ago by PinkyBear_ for Titles

Subject: Implementing stringent measures to prohibit fraudulent activities within the auction house (/ah) is imperative

The proliferation of fraudulent individuals within the server has shown a marked increase, posing a significant challenge to the integrity of the platform. A considerable portion of these individuals engage in fraudulent activities primarily within the auction house (/ah), thereby detracting from the overall experience of novice players who, in their naivety, resort to peddling commonplace items.. See more

#10602 - Status: closed

2 months ago by PinkyBear_ for Global


it is PinkBearBoi, well i am from iraq and i have a payment issue
i cant buy from the store my only method was xsolla and it is not there anymore and i cant buy anything anymore
paysafe ,paymentwall ,paypal
are all unfortunetly blocked in my country :(
so i suggest if u add xsolla again or add more ways to pay ;D!

#8896 - Status: closed

2 years ago by PinkyBear_ for Website