Subject: Implementing stringent measures to prohibit fraudulent activities within the auction house (/ah) is imperative

The proliferation of fraudulent individuals within the server has shown a marked increase, posing a significant challenge to the integrity of the platform. A considerable portion of these individuals engage in fraudulent activities primarily within the auction house (/ah), thereby detracting from the overall experience of novice players who, in their naivety, resort to peddling commonplace items such as dirt and other blocks on the marketplace (/shop) to amass their funds.

Following instances of exploitation, when these inexperienced players seek recourse from staff members, the absence of effective assistance exacerbates their disillusionment. Consequently, such players may develop antipathy towards the server, leading to a decline in their participation or, in more unfortunate cases, may even adopt similar deceitful practices themselves, thereby fostering an increasingly toxic atmosphere within the community

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5 months ago by PinkBearBoi for General

Answer: Closed

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