I don't see doing event takes long time for like 3-4 days is good idea since there are some people can after getting 1st do alts or use their friends accounts to get other top then split the vouchers which means the top 1 gets all top 5 and the rest of players got no chance, back to the last event the top 1 was an alt and that is not cool, vouchers can't be given to alts, alts have to be banned, and this event all the top 5 places was gotten by the same person, what if you guys didn't expose them would you think that is fair for someone gets the most of the vouchers? the top 5 for this event were the same top 5 for last event i suppose they did the same thing and there is a lot of people that got wronged and got nothing, i don't accept that kind of events that the top 1 have the time and ability to make an alt and get the other top and you guys put it on their conscience that they won't cheat while it doesn't matter to them to make an alt or join on other people accounts just to get more vouchers make the event happens and ends at the same time so the top has no time to make alts and get other top that it's really cupidity from them and unfair for the rest of the players

#9986 - Status: open

1 month ago by Heidiot for General