MiniGame For prison

Hello, in my opinion, if you make a minigame called prison break, EC players will increase a lot.
The game is for four players. Two people on the guard tower and two people in the prison. First of all, the players have to make a pickaxe using the tools in the prison and close the door. When they leave the prison, there is a fence 5 blocks away from them. They have to cut the ground and Go outside the fence
Now the role of guards:
There are two guard towers on the left and right sides of the fence and the guards are standing in them. The duty of the guards is to shoot a prisoner with a bow if they see a prisoner escaping, of course, the guards cannot go out of the tower. But these guards cannot see anything for three seconds every minute. And if one prisoner manages to escape, you only reward him, if both of them escape, you reward them both
Game duration: 20 minutes
I wanted to present something like dtp

#9671 - Status: open

1 week ago by Liveies for GameModes