Remove/adjust mcmmo

I suggest making mcmmo less over powered, the fact that you can basically punch 3-5 times and kill a person in full netherite is insane, and what's more insane is getting killed by some no lifer that's invis with 1k mcmmo, by hand. It isn't fair for the new players either, they have to grind a lot to at least have a chance at fighting, And the crossbows, there are so many people with 1k archery who literally spams a crossbow in pvp because it gives insane effects and damage, I know so many people who quit because of this crossbow spam, I recommend to make it less op or remove archery mcmmo. It takes 0 skill to get kills in OpSurvival because of mcmmo. The server is dying at least do something to revive it.

#9668 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by Yonal__ for Improvements