Normal Factions

As a member of this comunity for such a long time (almost 5 years) it really makes me sad to see the actual state of the server, low in players etc.
I would like to suggest the Factions game mode to come back because i can tell a lot of players would come back to play (including me and many of my team members on ECFinest) and would bring new players to the server too. It would be great to come back to the good old days with the raids the teamfight videos and the entire world that surrounded Factions along the life of this server. It would bring back a lot of memories and a lot of nostalgy to many of us. I written this with some of my mates that used to play here. Thanks for taking us in consideration.
-Delta, ProNotHacks, Mr_Buzzbean,MrCr1minal, erekvp, SummerW0lf_,Nevers_,Tweesquash97, 30CpsGod.

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3 weeks ago by DisapointedDelta for GameModes