#ban SweetXGIrl Scam

Is it possible for two people to report to one person at the same time?And you don't help both of them And you trust this scammer Give me one reason why I lie I also want you ban this scammer If you do not ban this person, he will be defrauding many people and many people will hate this server and leave him. I want a convincing answer What do you want me to do to ban this scamer two people at the same time
Why are you making fun of this? , I've been collecting these spawners for more than two months and I have also been banned because of these spawners also for more than three months and at this time you tell me you can't return these things

I'm one of the first people who will leave this server if I don't back my stuff or this person gets banned

#9625 - Status: rejected

1 month ago by Xover_ for General

Answer: Rejected

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! Unfortunately for one or more reasons we have to reject your submission but please feel free to post another one!

31 minutes ago by _OnePro_