The server is dead,
leave it and it will take its last breath,
if you dont see why you may be on meth,
this wont go into deapth.

It isn't like it was before,
it will stay in ppls memories forever more,
everyone has walked out the door,
it's fun in its core,
but it wont be like that anymore.

If you dont change it to like it was,
you will be left with money and no jobs,
you can find a place to rest but it wont be the finest of stars,
the community has said its reasons and you still refused...

We are all confused,
is it the money or are we all being used,
why is it like nothing else "ec the finest"...

You can fix it all,
but you are all biased,
EC will die small,
thats all we can say if you refused it all...

Dieu wake up, its time to do something,
if you dont it might already be too late,
its almost never too late,
but this might be the only time it will be.

- FVerzide

#unban all or transfer the server to someone else
do atleast something ... even shut it down as a last resort youve taken all the money you could get anyway
it makes me sad to see such a stupid world where everything good is for money
atleast read it takes a minute its not that hard

#9623 - Status: open

1 month ago by FVerzide for General