Dieu, its time to pass the torch

Dieu Dear, lets pass the torch, the sun is almost setting.
The feast is over, there’s not much left, with where the servers heading.
You have made your cash, and got your bank, and moved on to greater things.
Perhaps another could take over, and give the server wings.

It was a fun time, I played for years, but we both know how this ends,
Unless there’s a change, and something new, to help the server mend.
Change doesn’t come by doing nothing, the player base is heading down
And unless you do something, and do it quick, well crash into the ground

Anything would really do, its worth a try or shot,
To bring old players back, and make this server hot.
Your all busy, and gone away, to go enrich your life
But perhaps another has the fire, to fuel the servers light.

You have the audience, the resources and skills to make this great again.
But you refuse, so let another give a hand to lend.
There are only two options, to live to die, which one will it be?
Choosing not to choose, is still making a choice, and the results we will soon see.

You already know this, and perhaps your milking the servers final moments
But there are many players who could make a change, if you would only allow enrollments
Either way the servers lost, so you might as well let go
And give up the ownership, that you did always know

There are many who could take over, although it is not I
Perhaps you know one already, who could raise the server high
Or give a thought to those old players, who have something worth your ear
They love the server too you know, they have been loyal through the years.

It may already be too late, this poem you may never read
But if you do, please give a thought to considering my plea
There is no other like EC, one of the finest I have seen,
Deserves more life than to end like this, a Minecraft players dream.

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1 month ago by Manofclass for General