Revive ec or just turn it off

Bring everything back to 1.8
Server is full with hackers, auto clicker users and alters, so fix anti hack.

Revive faction and opfac , one of the reasons players left EC is shutted down the faction game modes.

Add new staff's There are almost no active staff on the server, everyone has left the EC, so add some new and active staff is so helpful.

Add new features to ranks, It makes the server more attractive and the players who left will be curious and come back and those who are going to leave will change their minds.

Hold fun tournaments with valuable prizes that don't make the server process repetitive and boring.

Advertise to attract new players.

I hope to see the server alive again It is full of good memories for me and many others.

#9523 - Status: open

1 month ago by Dis0bedient for General