Bugs/glitches that need to be solved (Creative)

The following bugs/glitches is what I have experienced in the creative server.

1. Most of the nbt data bearing items lost their nbt data while inventory was opened. This issue causes inconvenience since custom heads, banners, name tags, enchantments, fireworks & firework charges don't work as they should. For example when you open the inventory the custom head would turn into a normal player head.

2. In spite having no permission, players are still able to use Armour Stand Editor plugin, allowing anybody to edit someone else's armour stands and may lead to griefing.

3. Loom no longer functions. When the materials required was moved into the loom, no dye pattern options would show anyhow.

4. There was a slight trouble when it comes to break an item frame. While still able to rotate the item above, you have to break the block which the item frame is sitting on to remove it.

5. Players can damage a horse specifically without any plot permission given and without either plot flag animal-attack or animal-interact set true.

6. Players could be kicked holding a shulker box with items that store huge nbt data (I assume the kick was related to nbt data) while they open the inventory. The only possible way to get rid of it is to find and open a container, hover over the item (in this case it was a shulker box) and press q (default keybind for dropping marked item) to drop it. This method is complicated and few people knew. My suggestion is to allow all players to use the /clearinventory command so that we could avoid situations like this.

#9499 - Status: open

1 week ago by Flacson for Improvements