Add Developer Job.

Hello, Staff Team.

Thank you for your time, and taking your time to read this.
To the point now, there should be applications for developers, to help production of extremecraft.

There are many bugs to fix, I understand if this suggestion is rejected due to lack of trust of players.
I would love to be the first developer, if accepted, as I'm learning Java. (Yes, I know how to Program, And it's okay for me to wait for next year so I can be 13.)

& there are many bugs and glitches, again.
SO they can be fixed faster.

Again, I understand the rejection of this suggestion, and why.
Although, I would not like if I get ghosted.

Thank you again for reading this

Sincerely, FlameyosFlow.

#9482 - Status: open

11 months ago by FlameyosFlow for General