About the player Tryharder_

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to give additional information about the banned player Tryharder_. This player severely ruined OPsurvival PVP experience, he was in a party owned by LILBOYINGANG, and teamed up with numerous players to capture the whole area while being able to 1v3 normal players by just himself. It was originally believed that he had a great PVP skill level, now I suspect it was just hacking. In addition, he was spamming tag everyone in opsur to start CTA and dominate with the number and probably hacking, when he was online the most of the time, and really affect the opsur playing experience.

Thank you for reading this, it is hoped that no ban appeal of his IP would be accepted because he really made opsur unenjoyable and even tried to ban evade with his team's account.
Someone who wants to make opsur fair and enjoyable

#9392 - Status: rejected

1 week ago by Shark_JT for General

Answer: Rejected

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! Unfortunately for one or more reasons we have to reject your submission but please feel free to post another one!

1 week ago by MathNerd272