Prison DTP

So, i think i found an alternative to counter the xrayers in DTP. Instead of tnts, can you make it so that the tool we get in DTP comes with the normal prison "explosion" enchantment, but make it so that its abit rare like tnts, maybe like only 20% chance to explode or something similar to that Instead of regular tnt blocks the explosion enchant does the same work, it blows up after certain time or after certain blocks mined and the explosion counts as the regular 200 points we get from tnt explosions. But put the enchantment on all the tools we get on DTP (pickaxe, shovel, axe, shears). And this way xrayers wont have a big advantage over normal players. (This is just my thought, I don't know if this is do able or not, but if it is do able then it will be fair for all the normal players)

#9377 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by ii for Improvements