I GOT BAN SINCE TOO LONG AND APPEALED SINCE 1MONTH AND HYPER (THE GAY) DON'T WANT TO UNBAN ME EVEN THAT HE BANNED ME FOR 100% NOTHING (he screenshared me just to ask me if i have 2 alts and i told him that my bro made them out of my permission -what makes me no longer in need to SS since i admitted that they are on PC- and he BANNED ME FOR REFUSING TO SCREENSHARE AND NEVER READ MY APPEAL YET

HYPER!!!! if this suggestion gets deleted you will get raided with all my TOXIC ways and you will have LESS than 100 Players online

Otherwise you can be a good boy and unban me then EXTREMECRAFT WILL GET +500 Players ONLINE 24/7

Its your choice delete sug.= raid
. unban and never SS for no reason again= getting EC alive again

CIAO gay (HyperDce the trashest staff i have ever knew)

#9129 - Status: rejected

6 days ago by YOYO96GAMER for Website

Answer: Rejected

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! Unfortunately your submission is not valid and is missing details, please post a new one with more info

6 days ago by MathNerd272