Wind staffs in ct

The wind staff is a tool that launches you in the air at the cost of a hunger bar, 2 seasons ago this was the main tool of running, everyone would run with these if they wanted to. last season, you guys fixed this and made it so they dont work in combat tag. It was so much better, you couldn't run.

but now for some reason, the pvp map is as big as its ever been, and they are enabled in ct again, please make sure they aren't allowed in ct because you can fly across this giant map whenever you need to run and its really really annoying. ty

#9114 - Status: accepted

1 week ago by SilaNz for Improvements

Answer: Accepted

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! We're happy to inform you that your submission has been accepted and is now part of our server

5 days ago by SamTheDevil