Revive the server

Hello , we all know server is dead , faction and opfaction kepeed it up but now no1 playing again. There is a popular solution like how new servers making for their faction section to get players u can use this and try , im 100% u will get 100+ players .
What u have to do is :
1. Use 2 week map , 1 grace 1 tnt
2. F top with money not points
3. Get some little rewards paypal for top 1,2,3 like 100$ 75$ 50$. Or use vouchers again
4. Add some ranks only for faction section to make players to buy
5. Keep same things like in old fac , i mean eco,warps,boss,envoys(try to add here chests spawning random in warzon).
Im sure a lot of players will play

#9092 - Status: open

5 months ago by easy05_ for Improvements