/warp Crates and other crate suggestions

Firstly, I think that the crate position is great being at spawn for everyone to easily access. However, older players of the game that are returning for the reset of OpSurvival often try to use the command /warp crates to access the crates area. This has caused some confusion for these players, and as it is not a huge problem in the game, it would be helpful for a warp to be created by these crates to allow easy access for those who previously played.

Secondly, I think that in this point in time, with the inability to have access to mob eggs, they should be re-added to the vote crates (not all of the mobs, just a select few). I also think that as there is no way to obtain a Legendary Key, this should be added into either the Vote Crate or the CTA Crate or even a possibility to obtain when winning a CTA. I also think that a few more spawners should be added back into the spawner crate.

Now. I understand that this is the Testing for OpSurvival. But I believe that, we should be able to test as many aspects of OpSurvival as much as we can to ensure the popularity and increase the variety of tasks you can accomplish whilst playing this game mode which makes it different to the original Surival.


#8771 - Status: open

3 days ago by CertifiedFilip for Improvements