there's some bugs to fix ..... there's some improvements to make ..... just a little bit

Before Reseting Minigames...

Major Bugs:
SurvivalGames: charpackets giving sand, not the chests as it suppose, which stays forever and now maps are full of sand.
SkyWars: not being able to spectate. not being able to chat.
Eggwars: enderpearls not working properly. not being able to chat while spectating
HideAndSeek: Open it :DD (I know you said that it's plugin's fault, but its been over a year, you can't use the same excuse xd)
Bedwars: invisible chunk. all-freezing lag.

MUST-DO improvements:

SurvivalGames: more arenas starting with 6 players, remove strenght potions from kits, add borders in deathmatch so people do not intentionally cancel the games (by running away or swimming on version 1.16 againts 1.8ers) & increase deathmatch lenght to 120 seconds.

oh gosh... i would need whole individual segment for this one, but... Eggwars:
- 1. Start solos with 3 players. It's life saving update in these times when player count is so low. More games would start and more randoms would stay for a bit longer because of ability to start games and actually play. (when 3 players joined, the arena becomes starting and the 4th player, if he gets in in time, can join aswell - then they play 4).
- 2. Enderpearls... oh gosh how much pain they've cost. Make them work properely plsss. Espeacially when talking about "OverPowered" map.
- 3. Sounds when arena is starting. On 30secs, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
- 4. Remove Builder and OpBuilder kits and turn it into one Builder kit with 96 bricks to prevent skybasing from the beginning.
- 5. Set smaller build limit or make skybasing jailable.
- 6. Keep the current prices of the kits and change coins given per vote to 100
- 7. Remove completely useless kits: Leather Armor, Scout, Gold Tools

Remove Bumpers fall damage.
Remove Force Field
Make generators not interrupt the fights
Try to fix "invisible chunk"
And most important: the lag which freezes everything is the worst. It's annoying and I know people that even quit or just hates EC only because of this. And this happens ONLY in bedwars. So i don't even know how but fix it lmao.

All-Time Leaderboard: transfer past 4 seasons stats into all-time leaderboards before reseting (because since january 2020 season all leaderboards was counted the same way as it is now - the same system is being used since) (all minigames).

Bring back VoteToWin score counting system on Bedwars so when voted you get x2 score to make it fair to compete for upcoming new generation players that'll start from 0 in the future.

Don't think about new minigames or major already existing minigames updates. For now. First work with what we have. Just improve it, reset it, and while new season is going, then calmly work on new, bigger things. Yep, few new arenas won't hurt, but you can do it while season is running, it's not that necessary as things named above.

#8759 - Status: open

1 week ago by firefox_2 for General