It needs to change.

As we all know...
EC has been a dark place for the past year. Hatred, Leaking; Mass exploiting and the developers inactivity. As a server regular back then I still look at the times where EC was fun with thousands of people to interact with.
Now that the server has died down its basically just left the people who know very little about the server-s lore and what has happened over the course of the past half decade old server history: Accomplishments; Teams; Friendship.. These Are the only things that has happened to a positive aspect for EC. But it can't be stopped to keep repeating to the owners & the staff team the reason why the server became such a empty place: Excessive cyberbullying, Death threats, Doxxing, Leaking info and the massive amount of toxicity.
Us, the Old EC Community before the death.
So either you give what we want and start listening to us so u would last longer. Or you can just close this suggestion like a little bitch and don't do Anything to your server.

#8692 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by Definedz for General