Better staff Suggestion.

Do I have to explain this?
before I got banned a staff member MUTED ME for "Madampawsy", when he found out It wasn't even a censor evasion, he told me he will remove it, TWICE, and guess what? I never got my infraction removed, SECOND
Most staff are not productive/working, slacking off or being inferior, and a huge lack of staff (at least 5-10 more staff members would be okay.)
and some staff like icuk33, are only active on particular (and/or specific) servers for a long time, AND THEY GET PROMOTED!
and a chance that you've made staff roles/applications pretty boring, and ranking up is very easy, I recommend adding some
staff training server for jrhelper+ (excluding Head-Builder, Senior-Builder, Builder, and Junior Builder) and try to train them
With everything a good staff knows (like NotableOne1 or old staff).

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2 weeks ago by FlameyosFlow for General

Answer: Rejected

Hi there. You will have received those punishments as a staff member deemed it censor evading within context. As you can clearly tell this is just a game and a server where players want to help out with moderating on there own accord, there is no 'training' needed. When any staff join they are given a large variety of help and guidance's on how to moderate to the best standard, if this doesn't fit ur expectations then that is not current staffs fault. Regarding promos, this is a private decision for staff managers+ based on a individuals activity, stats, behaviour and general knowledge/ability to communicate to good standards. Promos are not given 'easily' each staff proves themselves which is simply something players dont recognise. Hope this helps with your understanding of staff. Closed.

2 weeks ago by HollieDce