Auto removal of Unused or Inactive Claims of left players.

Greetings, EC staff & Fellow Players. PLEASE READ MY WHOLE SUGGESTION & UPVOTE it.
Ban the claims of such people who have been inactive for a very long time(2,3 or 4 months maybe). Because many players often, joins the server(survival), Claim huge land next to you, plays for somedays and then leaves forever! which creates a quite serious problem for the player who lives next to inactive player's claim. In these kind of cases,
1. You literally can not use huge amount of land next to you cause they are just claimed by some players who left the server forever and never came back. 2. Nobody can utilize or use those lands ever!
3. No other players can build & live next to you.
4. Any animals that once somehow go into it becomes the inactive player's property which you probably can not get back if it belonged to you.

There's even more! But these are the Major serious problem that one face because of left players. I myself faced this problem too that's why I'm here today complaining and giving the best suggestions that would really help a lot of players.

Incase if you you guys think that one can take advantage of this suggestion and take the items left by the left player in his claim, you guys can freely remove those items of his to be fair. All we want and wish is to use & utilize those unused lands. That's it.

I'm hoping a fruitful result soon. Love this server & Love you guys. <3

#8536 - Status: open

1 week ago by AngshuDhar for General