Printer plugin to Factions / OPFactions

Hello , thats my 2nd suggestion about printer so please look into it and thanks

Printer should be added to ec , JUST make no cactus , sand , string and chests and spawners etc can't be placed in printer mode because that would make people printing cactus and destroying economy just make only cannon parts that can be printed maybe ?

Printer mode will be enter you in creative mode where you can print cannons , roof arts etc
here is why it should added :
Raiding is now a problem on ec because making cannons are really annoying and wasting a lot of time which make sometimes people get bored from raids , specially we are using regen cannons so its more bigger and harder and if you forgot to tick a repeater , water spot or redstone etc then say good bye to your hard work , please we need printer added to ec that would make raids so fun and easier, hope staff look into my suggestion and see it added on fac and opfac next ssn and thanks so much
Kindly ,

#8529 - Status: open

1 week ago by 360Limor for Improvements