Outposts at fac/opfac

The general idea of outposts are a good implement to the game, however, when they spawn every 3 hours it makes the grind for spawners and placing blocks pointless when all you have to do is come online every 3 hours and claim the outpost, spend 10 minutes making a minechat on it and it's an easy 50k points because nobody can be bothered to make a cannon to raid it. I suggest having a certain limit of how many outposts a faction can have, for example a maximum of and no more than 3 outposts per fac (which is 150k points). Another suggestion is to make them spawn less regularly, for example one outpost every 12 hours. If you're on for 24 hours a day (yes, talking about the people that never get off the game, those type of people do exist), you can claim a total of 8 outposts, which is 400k points. Sort of beats the point of actually wanting to play the server. Would hope you consider implementing either of the suggestions i commented on or just remove outposts altogether.

#8524 - Status: rejected

10 months ago by Demollishment for Improvements

Answer: Rejected

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! The submission is now unnecessary as other features replaced it or because it is not relevant anymore

9 months ago by _OnePro_