Vote Keys/Crates

The actual vote crates are a good source of materials for every single player, the possibility to get the items are good, but i think that changing some things would be better for the server
1st) The spawners/eggs as squid spawner/squid egg and wolf/spawner wolf/eggs are needed, I a think that if staff answers this saying that wolf eggs/spawners are useless just remember that there is ocelot spawner.
2nd) Its kinda strange that iron golem spawners are 0.06% and the rest are 0.08%, the iron golem one is not superior to the other ones since there is no way to sell iron or roses in anarchy.
3rd) This one is the less needed and maybe some people wont agree, adding the Achilles's Helmet/Chestplate Beowulf's Leggings/Boots would be a nice thing since there is OP tools as Ancient Omniwrench, Sword Of Attila, Hammer of Thor etc.
ty :)

#8511 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by J04C for Improvements