Accepting this will change extremecraft's popularity and decrease Pay to win.

Dieu, NxDs, YOU CAN'T IGNORE THIS SUGGESTION, If you accept this, This may increase voting and decrease p2w (making the server rapidly better):
I've heard that the staff are making the server less p2w, but after accepting this suggestion, Extremecraft will barely be p2w.
WE CAN MAKE playerpoints that are usually gotten by voting for each link, and get ranks with them. It may seem stupid but hear this out: If good rankbooks had massively high playerpoints, It WILL Increase voting by almost 50-205x times since a lot will want to get rankbooks, You can also add more features to the ranks so the playerpoints for the rankbooks can be higher for reasonable prices, Resetting the servers every 2 months, and adding a lot of good gamemodes.

a lot of extremecraft players would love to make the same suggestions as me, so if you accept my suggestion, I honor you alot of new players coming and wanting to play extremecraft, and also vouchers should be converted to player points aswell, even nexus can be around like 20K player points, but 10K for like the best weekly island.

and also if you can add some backwards compatibility for gamemodes like 1.12.2-1.17.1 because most people "like me" can't run 1.17 which will make a lot of players wish for a better computer or for the versions to be reverted. PLEASE trust me, if you accept this, extremecraft will have thousands of players and most of the gamemodes would be full. AS You upgrade the number of players each gamemode. This may sound like a lot of work, but I can even help with ideas to make these changes,
I also have a few friends that can code professionally and make these changes, and possibly alot of donations may come here too.
If your reading, thanks for your time reading, I hope I can get accepted for atleast TRYING to make the server more popular.

#8503 - Status: open

10 months ago by FlameyosFlow for Improvements