A New SkyBlock Mode (RPG in Skyblock)

I have gone for like 4 months and just came back earlier . I see theres a bad status signal for ExtremeCraft , kinda sad but EC is like a childhood to me . Today I'm here to offer a new OPSkyblock Season changes

- We need the command like /level or /rankup on OPSkyblock

How does it work ?
For example , All players will start at lvl 1 , they must collect all the required items to level up (Complete Mission/Quest) . For example lvl 1 -> lvl 2 : Breaking 16 oak logs . And of course there will be rewards for those players who lvl-ed up .

To make more fun , we better add the /warp boss to make level up more difficult . We can divide into 3-4 zones (Up to you) and each zone has 3-4 bosses respawned every 15 mins . Top 10 Boss Damager will have chance to get the boss drop (normally 5%) . The boss drop will be used to level-up , it will make the game more difficult and interesting

For example : Boss Shark : Chance to get item "Kukuu" when you are in top 10 damager
And what you need to level up from 20 to 21 is collecting 8 "Kukuu"

Level Up rewards : Money , Items , XP , CustomEnchantments , and Access for locked commands (Fly,...) or Access to new zone , Be able to unlocked new Mine ,...

To encourage them to level-up , The Hall Of Fame must be changed too
Prize :
-Top 3 Island level
-Top 3 Personal Level

#8391 - Status: open

3 months ago by KewLinh for GameModes