Unban All - #reviveec

I want to talk about the server player base today
Well, lets look at server stats at minecraft-mp
Ec were getting a lot of players and fun now
NO fun, no players
Well, here is some tips
Lets day Dieu and NxDs are only devolopers
That's hard to run server as size as EC with 2 people manage it
You should get more staff and devs like,
AHT, Suggestions Manager etc

And unban all with current summer and pandamic would be a winning card for EC to get revived again PLEASE Listen to the community

Log on alt, play server as nornal member you will find it boring and not fun
Please do an unban all as this would be last chance for ec, thanks

#8314 - Status: closed

3 days ago by MrLimor for General

Answer: Closed

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! Another suggestion of the same kind has been posted by another user

1 day ago by NxDs