Chatgames Improvement

Chat games are a very great update, people enjoy it, but won't be for long.
Now some top players already know what sever gonna start chat games, they have auto chat, an auto calculator, and maybe an English world detector. They come to a sever that nearly starting chat game and steal all point and ruin other fun no chance for /chat games top. I wouldn't blame them and I don't think this should add to the rule, it not necessary but also unfair to others.
Improvement suggestion
So my suggestion is to change the top leader board that reset every month. Add personal points that will save forever, add some achievement and reward. time And also ofc reward, add chat game delay like only able to send awnsure after 5 seconds chat game started. Make chat game should happen every 45-30 minutes so everyone gets more chance. And ofc reward! Like random chance 10k and a vote key?

#8248 - Status: closed

3 years ago by Litneyy for Improvements

Answer: Closed

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! Another suggestion of the same kind has been posted by another user

3 years ago by NxDs