improvements for factions

Because many players do not play factions I have some things to suggest so that players come to factions again.
1.Change the time that envoys spawn.Right now one envoy spawns every 1 hour,I suggest you to change it and do it 6 envoys every 1 hour(1 envoy per 10 minutes)
2.Koth is now very rare to start, so I suggest you to put a plugin which can start koth 3 times a day at any time.
3.Limit the number of allies and truces, now the limit is 3 truce and 1 ally, so I suggest you to change this and make it 1 ally and 1 truce so there can be more competition
4.Let nexus spawn outpost with 10% chance to spawn it.
5.Add a pickaxe which can break many blocks together similar to the drill pickaxe of opfactions, so we do not have to constantly buy chunk rippers.
6.I suggest you to increase the chances of getting a spawner by blowing it up with a creeper or a fireball, at the moment the chances are 70%, so I suggest you to change this and increase the chances from 70% to 85% or 90% to have a big profit from a raid

Thanks for reading.

#8210 - Status: open

1 year ago by nqkos for Improvements