Custom Enchant Removal

Please remove Phoenix Down or nerf it so that it does not drop Iron Golem eggs on opsurvival.
I am saying this with evidence that the enchant has completely destroyed the server economy. A season ago, opsurvival's baltop #1 had 5.2b at the end of the season, and that too, p2w. This season, baltop 1 who hasn't been online for 3 months has above a hundred billion. Iron golem spawner and egg prices have skyrocketed. Spawners which used to be 2m each a season ago became 50m each because you could just convert them to IGs. Therefore, I would request you to remove or just nerf the CE on opsurvival as it is an economy based gamemode unlike opskyblock and opfactions which have a leaderboard hall of fame.
It is true that opsurvival is supposed to be just an overpowered counterpart of survival but it is still an eco based gamemode and destroying its economy via one CE is not a very good idea. You could also make a poll in #opsurvival on ECDS to know how everyone would agree to this as we all loved the much simpler times without 5K IGS farms.

#8135 - Status: accepted

2 days ago by Shalom6242 for Custom Enchants

Answer: Accepted

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! We're happy to inform you that your submission has been accepted and will be live from the next server reset

2 days ago by HyperDce