MCMMO Update and Armor levels on Opsurvival/Opskyblock. PVP Arena Change

Sources: https://imgur.com/a/vaG8LuG

After playing opsurvival for 3 seasons, I have noticed that the axes mcmmo system is very broken unlike on opfactions and opskyblock. Instead of capping at 200, it caps at 2000 which is too overpowered. As seen in the screenshot, at level 570, my axe already deals 12.4 extra damage to armor. When boosted to LvL.2000, it deals 40 extra damage per hit which destroys and op set in 12-15 hits. Moreover, it also deals extra damage to player health and you can get quickdropped even before your armor breaks which leads to pvping with 8-11 sets as a bare minimum for people. This discourages newer players who don't have alot of stuff from pvping and enjoying the gamemode to its full extent as one could drop in pvp with their 5 sets and be done for in a matter of seconds. It would be nice if you could cap the axe mcmmo to 200 or 300 like other OP servers.

2nd thing to note for opsurvival is that CTA gear is level 11, Legendary gear is level 12 (which is fine) but at the same time, the boss set is also level 12 which makes it a bit useless. Like all other OP servers, it would be nice to have CTA gear as level 12, Legendary Gear as level 12 too, and Boss gear as level 13.

One final suggestion is to change the PvP arena if possible. The opsurvival and opskyblock arena are very beautifully made but that has been the only thing kept in mind while making them. It is extremely easy to bug out and escape the opsky arena as all walls are open and one can jump to the other side via the use of a bow and it ruins the fun of pvping. In the opsurvival arena, the cave and the surrounding area provide a very annoying terrain to pvp on as you constantly have to jump to get level ground. A flatter pvp arena like the one from 2 seasons ago would be much more suitable for pvping at speed 3, which is much more fast paced as compared to speed 2. The opsurvival arena also has a CTA ring which is a very annoying part of capturing the arena during a teamfight as many invis players can just bow you from a mile away and you would fly out of the ring, resetting the timer. It would be much appreciated if this system is removed and replaced by the much more commonly used one in all other servers.

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2 days ago by Shalom6242 for Improvements

Answer: Accepted

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! We're happy to inform you that your submission has been accepted and will be live from the next server reset

2 days ago by NxDs