A few particular changes

So I would like to discuss few changes that I would like to see to be done for upcoming opskyblock season and other's aswell if possible.
And I hope everyone who's reading this may approve my statement....

1st: *Remove /is addlevel...*
As many people which they've been playing acidisland they've witness the fall of ex top 1 island name (warriorben ex top 1 island) which he was using *hacks and alts
To beat the top 1 and get profit for himself for short time...
According to week 19 to 22..
And he got banned at the end...
*So what I'm pointing here is that having that command implemented the upcoming season, may result a chaos
In which people like, (him) may come and copy his moves, and do the same thing unnoticed.
2nd : I would like to see some economy changes to be implemented to every (Skyblock gamemode if possible)
In such make every item's that could be obtained.
*being possible to be brought/sold
In the Shop.
Reason why is making limited item's possible to be sold was bad ?
Well it's because many of the farm that was resulting profitable, worthless*
And that causes a huge Playerbase loss and not interested to play it,
as it makes it difficult For them to enjoy the gameplay they love.
And I know few people may disagree about my statement but I'm just pointing my view due the all the seasons I've been playing so far..
I hope for everyone who's reading this
Doesn't dislike my thoughts about this statement I've suggest
And I would like you to understand my point of view about this...
Thx for coming this far you're a legend...

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4 days ago by JohnSeed26 for GameModes