New staff roles

Ec should have a staff role that looks at website reports - suggestions and a discord moderator role.

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1 month ago by xRekteD for Website

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Handling suggestions is not as easy as one might think, reviewing is a thing while implementing the suggestion is a whole other story.
Simply reading suggestions and rejecting/accepting/shortlisting takes few seconds at best whereas actually implementing the suggestion may take between few seconds to several weeks or even months depending on the suggestion

More senior staff now started reviewing suggestions, however it is me and Dieu who would finally need to decide if an application can be accepted and implemented and it will be us the ones who will have to implement it
Mods handling suggestions isn't really something that takes away their time from doing whatever they do in game as they can do this whenever they're not on PC and wouldn't be able to come online regardless

I'm sorry it takes so long for suggestions to be handled but really this is the best I can physically handle, I review literally hundreds of suggestions in bulk every few months but I can't possibly implement them as well, some suggestions are as simple as "add a new rp command", some are as difficult as "add a whole new gamemode" or "remake this whole gamemode"
You can follow the development of whatever we do on Discord in #dev-live-updates where we post dozens of updates every single day so you can see which suggestions get handled

6 days ago by NxDs