New Rank

Titan rank! This rank will be the top tier rank, all with some cool commands and perks:
-Titan title (the players who already got this title will get random title and the titan title will be removed from their /title)
-Titan kit (same as extreme & nexus)
-Can use colors in chat (only colors other name effect are not availaible)
-/anvil (portable anvil)
-/clone (ability to summon a clone pet that follows the player)
-increased /near range
-/effect (ability to get temporal effect like speed, jump boost...)
-Special kill effect (like blood effect, fireworks...)
-/find (name) (find anyone on any server)
-permenant night vision effect
-/inspectinventory (name) (ability to inspect someone's inventory)
-More homes
-more faction / opfaction power
-more skyblock team size
-more party members
-moer listed items on /ah
-more friends limit
-200k on first join
-triple vote rewards
-triple cta/koth vote count

#7672 - Status: open

5 days ago by HypeTec_ for General