1.16 Creative reset

Creative desperately needs a reset because as you can see, the previously bustling gamemode is possibly at its worst in years. And I don't think I'm the only one who thinks this. I also suggest bumping the server to 1.16.x. You can say that creative needs it the most, but in reality I think all servers need a 1.16 reset soon. I have several reasons pros and cons to list as well.
Pros: - More blocks/mobs/features (1.16)
- More players (because every reset brings a flock of people)
Cons: - In Creative's case, we may experience an outburst of anger due to plots being deleted/cleared, but if it's possible to keep them as-is, it would be greatly
appreciated by pretty much everyone.

Take some time to reflect on this, if you will.

#7668 - Status: open

6 days ago by Axl_Olotl for GameModes