Shields would prevent factions from raiding/being raided for a certain amount of time.
Shields would last for 6hours and have a 24hr cooldown.
During the time you have a shield active you cannot be raided/ raid other people(This includes countering cannon boxes).
You could also cancel the shield at anytime.
Also shielding while being raided wouldnt be allowed(an easy fix would be adding a raid timer).
Example: Your faction is online the whole day and have 4-6hours where no one is online because everyone went to sleep. If shields were thing they would just activate it and go to sleep with a single worry.

Shields could be bought from shop for like 5mil per or get them with ranks/store. That's your choice how to get them.

#7664 - Status: open

1 week ago by SmellyGERG for Improvements