What The Fuck is wrong with People ?? It is the second time Someone Just Entered my island And pushed my Resource pets into Lava. Like What The Fuck. The first time I reported No one answered and I let it go, but this time, both of my pets were found in lava when I logged in. It is no more funny. I asked a staff and I was suggested to lock use of lever.....and guess what, I need a rank for that ... But Why ?? Why would I need a rank to change Settings of my own island ? That is Bullshit, It's like not able to move / do things at your own house. That doesn't make any sense. It's your island then Why purchase something so that I can change some basic things on it ? Some things which we can do by purchasing rank is understandable like renaming objects.../afk /sucide /head ...etc....but why does one need a rank to change the Settings ?? IT FUCKING DOESNT MAKE SENSE. That guy could have Thrown my pets into the void. & I would have lost like 200mil. Would u repay me that ?? would you do something about it ?? NO. you would just ask 'do you know who did it' & it's obvious I wouldn't know, If I knew I would have appealed for a ban. So what would you do about it ?? NOTHING... (pretty Sure I would get a ban for this).

#7461 - Status: rejected

1 year ago by x0x_Devil_x0x for GameModes

Answer: Rejected

Rejected. Invalid suggestion or missing information.

1 year ago by kuukiiii