*New Crate* The Admin Crate

A crate with admin items. The things that only admins can obtain and normal players cannot. This crate will contain special items that helps a player for an example:- NxDs Switcher Balls- A item that switches the position between you and the person whom you throw the ball at. This item will be very helpful to trap people in the Factions community. Another item called Dieu QuickDropper. If an enemy is hit with this three times continuously his leggings/chest plate will come out and he can die quicker. Third item is Landy’s Logger Baits. This item will be in form of a egg and when placed some items will drop on the ground and the person who placed it will get invisibility( special Invis even if the person is wearing armor the invis will make him not seenable, means he won’t get 1 hit) and no players will be able to see him. These items will make the server very good.

These crate keys can be purchased from the store as well as you can get these in OP keys and in Special envoys. The percentage to get in envoy will be 0.03 percent. This crate key will make the server a new kick start. Hope you apply it.

#7117 - Status: open

1 year ago by EthicalNuke for GameModes