When Someone Report a Rule breaker, they get vouchers

When some1 report a rule breaker the get Store Vouchers, Like when some1 report 50 rule breakers, he get 5 Euros store vouchers to spend of anything. when some1 helpop a rule breaker and a staff punish that rule breaker, he will get 1 point, it means he reported a rule breaker, when they get 50 point, they recieve a 5 euros voucher to spend on anything in the store, but it expires in 1 week, This is for 1 time only, 1player get 5 euros voucher per life time, if he reported more rule breakers, he will not take points. This will be good to report rule breakers and dont be lazy to type ( /helpop playername is <whatever>. Thanks for reading.

#6728 - Status: open

3 days ago by INETFLIX for General