Combat Time And /fix all,/pv Abuse

There Should Be A Combat Time In Creative.

All The Staff Don't Pay Attention To Creative, It Does Not Have a Combat Time And Every One Can Instant Teleport
Its Not A Big Suggestion. And The Staff Of ExtremeCraft Take Creative Non Seriously. In Creative There's Also PvP Its The Same Pvp As the Pvp In Prison Or
Survival. EveryOne Abuses The /p h Command And The Rank'ed Players Who Can Instant Tp use /pvp etc.... And The Ranked Players With A Rank
Legend or Above Can Abuse /fix all, /pv 1 and get sets from it.... It Is Very Unfair and Makes The Gamemode Pay To Win.

#6720 - Status: open

4 days ago by DxrkThighs_ for Commands