Bring back Cactus sell price

Recently, the sell price for Cactus was reduced from 2.50 to 2.00. Despite only 0.50 change, it was a huge nerf for Cactus Farm owners (me included). This change significantly reduce the overall profit you can get for Cactus Farms. Since creating a CF is hard enough as it is (on average, around 5 mins/layer), I think there's no need to lower the price. I personally spent 2 whole months building my cactus farm only to be nerf after it's completion. It's super demotivating and down right depressing that my 2 month project would be turn to waste just because of the sudden change of prices. Cactus Farms are a great way to earn money and are great alternatives to spawners so by reducing the price, it's like encouraging new players to just use spawners which in the server is highly inflated. So please, bring back cactus prices, or at least let it stay until Survival reset.

#6134 - Status: open

1 week ago by FasterNBetter04 for General