-=- EC Marketplace w/ pictures -=-

I think this would be a cool idea to have on the website to offer some engagement and moderation. An EC Marketplace.

How this works (photoshop pictures included!)

We have a MarketPlace Forum on the website people can go to. The Marketplace acts sort of like tickets.

1.) Player chooses an option - server to server trading, in-server trading, Buycraft trading.


*Note: MP tickets are closed by the creator. MP tickets can not be made without logging in to the website. MP tickets expire after 30 days, regardless of comments, and will automatically close. Once a user closes their ticket, no more replies can be added. Staff members can close tickets from ECP that do not follow MP ticket guidelines (begging tickets are not applicable).
Server to Server: Player selects the server they are giving goods in and the server they want to receive said goods.

2.) Player fill out a public ticket with information: Here is an example:


3.) Once a ticket has gone public, users can start commenting on the ticket if they are interested. The creator can decide who they would like to trade with and then close the ticket once they have finished/completed the trade!


#6128 - Status: open

1 week ago by HyperrDce for Website