Interactive Profiles for Players

I'm thinking an inventory you can access from lobby through a block and/or via a command that will allow players to set up and view profiles of themselves and others to foster community bonding. Here's an overview of what I'm thinking plus example screenshots.

Commands for /profile

Example (kinda ugly lol) of possible parts of a viewable /profile

Explanations if you want to keep reading:

1.) When it comes to adding links to a profile, the only accepted links will be existing channels (both youtube and twitch) and links must contain the twitch and youtube channel title in them for them to go through. For example: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ would go through but not https://www.youtube.com/watch? (which would be just a video link).

2.) /profile reset will set the profile back to default blank.

3.) Have servers that you enjoy playing and want people to know where they are more likely to find you? /profile add server allows a player to add up to 3 of their favorite/most played servers, viewable on their profile under the player skull.

4.) Friend requests can be made via a player's profile and the player receiving requests can keep track of pending requests in their profile, as well as accept or decline them from there.

5.) Send a gift function in profile allows a player to send another player gifts per whatever server they are in. These gifts are preset and are used in lobby only (giving us another use for lobby coins). New items can be added to the gift section, and if we ended up moving this to all servers, players could use server collected coins to send pre-selected gifts such as heads in creative, tools in survival, items for skyblock, better pickaxes for prison, etc.

Punishments for profiles?

1.) Jrmod+ will have access to /profile reset (playername) which just like manual skin reset, allows the staff member to force reset a profile back to the default blank profile should someone find a way to make the profile inapp.

2.) Inappropriate channel links, direct server advertising from channel links (by that I mean a hypixel channel link) are punishable the same way as all other link punishments are handled; inapp/advertising.

#5860 - Status: open

1 week ago by MicaGotMilk for General