It's disrespect, despite the censor.

"Our goal is to provide a friendly and respectful environment for everyone to appreciate.
We do not approve uncivil, inappropriate, or disrespectful behaviors."

If this is true, why don't people who call people the f-word, the n-word, the b-word, the d-word, or any insult at all get warned for it? Well, because of one very simple thing. IT'S CENSORED. You get called the f-word? Well, if you have the censor on, you don't see it! Same for people who don't want to see it, so they turn the chat filter on. If you call someone a kid, noob, etc., you get warned for name-calling. But here's the thing. Name-calling, regardless of censorship, should be punishable. Why? It does not, in any way, shape, or form promote ExtremeCraft as a "friendly and respectful environment". I believe the censor was a mistake. Why? It allows people to be able to say no-no words, which doesn't at all go along with ExtremeCraft's end goal. Saying those words is not and will never be civil, appropriate, or respectful. I don't think we should remove the censor, I just think that if you're going to have it, make sure people don't use it to shield themselves from punishment. At the end of the day, if I call you the b-word, I'm still disrespecting you, which does not at all promote EC as a friendly community. I understand though, "If they don't want to see it, they don't have to", but even if SOME people don't see it, SOME people will. Those people who do see it will think it's okay to act that way "because it's censored". Sure, you also don't have to take an insult if you don't consider it one, that is very grown mentality, but really, who is the majority playing, adults or children?

TL;DR: People are not getting warned because their disrespect (name-calling), "is censored". This doesn't promote a "friendly and respectful" environment on EC. It promotes this behavior because you go unpunished for it. I understand the "don't see it, don't have to" mentality, but others won't get that. It is never okay to act disrespectfully, and this server especially needs to accommodate that.

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2 weeks ago by TheUltimateNurse for Improvements

Answer: Closed

We don't condone disrespectful behavior, and it's punishable depending on the severity of it whether it's censored or not, yes it allows people to say words that someone might take offense from but when they turn off the filter they made the choice and agreed to see them, to the rest of the players who have the filter on the same friendly and respectful environment will be there. If you decide to enable the filter it can only mean you're using censored words yourself or are okay with seeing them, it doesn't make sense to start muting other players for doing the same thing, once again doesn't mean we allow toxicity or that players can go around calling others censored words and they'll be fine. At the end the choice is left to the player, if they'll get offended from seeing these words once or twice then they should probably keep the filter on in first place

1 week ago by Thz