chunk loader for cannons or alt for canon load

we need to have chunk loader for CANONS only D: people solo want to raid but canot cause cannon blow up if not stand in it and wall does not break if you not close. please add chunk loaders for canons onlyy OR allow 1 alt to sit in canon so you can raidd. EXAMPLE me i want raid solo BUT canot cause i need to load canon and walls same time. my frend bunnygorl she canot come on wen i want raid she sit in canon for me so i raid BUT she only come online wen she come visit me to my home but she canot come lots CAuSEEE coroona timee ;-; please add chunk loader for canons or alow 1 alt just for canon load.

#5087 - Status: rejected

1 year ago by Splitz_CzN for GameModes

Answer: Rejected


1 year ago by LandyDce