Factions suggestions

Hello NxDs i have some ideas for the factions server.I've told some people and they thought i should make a suggestion so here goes

1)Even though the new f top is better from the older one i think it can be improved even more.Instead of having the value of the spawner multiplied each day(which will eventually break f top),Have it so whenever you mine a spawner you lose like 30k-50k or something like that.

2)I heard that the End is soon to be added and i think it is unfair that some players get to have a fully trenched claim and some others have to spend days on trenching it themselves.So my suggestion would be to add a trench pickaxe that can mine in a 5x5 area so the difference between the end and overworld claims aren't so important.(maybe it can be a replacement of the tools that legendary crates already give.Instead of Legendary Pickaxe someone can get a 5x5 Trench Pick)

3)It is a pain having to place gen buckets 1 by 1.Make it so that the gen buckets can be stacked or even better make it so that each player can get a gen bucket and modify it depending on what he wants to do(for example make it cobblestone vertical or obsidian horizontal) and as he uses it it can be automatically be removing money from his balance.

4)I also think a good idea would be to make creepers drop either both TNT and gunpowder,only TNT,or make gunpowder turn into TNT after being processed by a furnace.That would be a great way to get players to use creepers spawners as it is a pretty useful part of factions.(TNT would ofcourse be unsellable and the price of it in /shop would have to go up)

#4542 - Status: open

2 months ago by BuffAF for Improvements