End Portals Anarchy

As you might know, end portals can be broken with a simple water bucket, and I have been discussing the fairness of this bug in anarchy (you could say yes anarchy has no rules so dont complain, but actually anarchy has rules here so why dont fix some bugs).
Anyways i tought that the bug is unfair because who gets to the portal first will have the only safe base in the server and they shouldn't .
In anarchy no base should be full safe
reasons why they shoudn't
-there is no resetting so they will have it forever
-there is borders so if u take out all portals you are full safe (3 or 4 portals with such a small border)
-if they reached the portal first they can easily locate all other portals

i kow staff has lot of things to do, and fixing a bug like this might be annoying so i have some tips to solve it in 5 min
-no border
-add a portal at spawn
-remove all portals
-remove the end

#4483 - Status: open

7 months ago by Aggronex for General