Item Filter in Combat Tag

/itemfilter should be an allowed command to use while in combat tag.

During some team fights in survival, fac, etc. some player uses filter to pick up the good items like armor (P4 UNB3), pots(speed2,str2), swords(Sharp5+) etc.
let's say there's a team fight of 20v20 and you and some teammates manage to kill an enemy, but you cannot pickup his items because of the filter, and sometimes we cannot wait 15+ seconds to be out of combat tag and disable it.

So we should be allowed to use /itemfilter in combat tag

Q: You can set what you can pick up before a fight
A: sometimes we forgot to add them / don't have that much time.
Q: Don't use itemfilter then
A: I don't want to waste time in pvp throwing away the bad gear.

#4479 - Status: open

7 months ago by Foxicc for Improvements