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This is an idea from a really old server I used to play on when I was about 13(I'm 18 now.) This server I used to play on was MagicaCraft, now if you search up "MagicaCraft Spells" you will find a video that showcases these spells. The spells I can remember off the top of my head are as follows:

-Gills: Allows you to breathe underwater for time the spell is activated.

-Disarm: Makes enemy's weapon disappear for a temporary time of 5 seconds.

-Pain: Damages enemy 1 heart per hit - regardless of armour equipped.

-Firenova: Creates a growing circle of fire - 5 layers of fire, one by one, with each previous layer disappearing after the next one is formed.

-(Personal Favorite) Windwalk: This spell allows the user to fly while consuming 1 iron per 5 seconds. Entering pvp turns off flight.(Warzones disable windwalk.)

-Armour: Instantly equips iron or diamond armor(depending on the probability, which is 50/50.) Armour disappears after one minute.

-(Another personal favorite) Leap- Essentially leaps you forward 50 blocks(direction determined by where you aim the mouse.) (Costs 15 redstone per use.)

-Stealth: Allows the user to be invisible to enemy mobs. (2 redstone per 5 seconds.)

-Blind: Blinds enemy for 3 seconds.

-Cripple: Slows enemy down for 5 seconds, essentially rendering them in a standstill.

-Blink: Teleports the user to desired location simply by aiming the mouse and clicking. (20 Redstone per use.)

-Explosive Anvil: Tosses a small anvil explosive projectile at an enemy. (Cooldown 5 seconds per use, 32 redstone per use.)

-Shadowstep: Teleports you behind the user. (Cooldown 30 seconds, 30 redstone per use.)

-Lightning: Summon a lightning bolt based upon the location the mouse is pointing at. (Cooldown 2 minutes per use, 64 redstone per use.)

-Disappear: Allows the user to become invisible(with particles) for 10 seconds. (Cooldown 1 minute, price 10 redstone per second.)

Haste: Increasing players movement speed as well as hitting speed for 15 seconds. (Cooldown 1 minute, price 32 redstone.)

-Safefall: Essentially negates players fall damage. (Cooldown 1 minute, price 30 redstone.)

That is all for spells! However over the years I've thought of some interesting and more unique spells! If you guys are interested in developing this plugin into factions, I have a personal contact with the developer of the plugin! Just please feel free to get back to me on private message on discord, forums, or in game on factions! Thank you for taking the time to listen to my suggestion. Ps yes the server is no longer up. It was absorbed by a server called nemegaming and no longer carries the spells plugin! Anyways have a wonderful day! Ps keep up the amazing work on the server!


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